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Switch 8 DI and 4 DO, high-speed Ethernet communication socket

Product features:          
  ● 8 switch inputs, 4 switch outputs            
● Di status changes automatically send status data, which can capture pulses            
● do adopts PNP output, which can directly drive the intermediate relay          
  ● support Modbus TCP communication protocol at the same time            
● built in webpage function, which can be inquired and controlled through webpage        Double network port supports daisy chain connection for easy wiring            
● wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32vdc            
High reliability, convenient programming and easy application            
● standard din35 guide rail installation, convenient for centralized wiring           
 ● users can set module IP address and other parameters on the web page            
● password can be set for webpage login, more secure            
● low cost, small volume, modular design            
● overall dimension: 120 x 70 x 43mm            

Typical applications:            
● direct control electric roller drive card           
 ● replace PLC control to realize remote control and reduce cost            
● automatic sorting system of intelligent logistics warehouse            
● Ethernet industrial automation control system            
● intelligent lighting control system           
 ● equipment operation monitoring and control            
● sensor signal measurement           
 ● industrial camera condition monitoring and control            
● IOT switching signal acquisition           

 Product overview:            
Wj94 product is a collection module of Internet of things and industrial Ethernet, which realizes transparent data interaction between sensor and network. Data from the sensor can be forwarded to the network, or data from the network can be forwarded to the sensor.            
Wj94 series products include power conditioning, switching value acquisition, triode output and RJ-45 network interface communication. Modbus TCP protocol is adopted as the communication mode. TCP is a transport layer based protocol, which is widely used and connection oriented. Users can directly set the IP address and subnet mask of the module on the web page. It can be used to monitor and control the operation of sensor equipment.            
Wj94 series products are intelligent monitoring and control system based on single chip microcomputer. Configuration information such as module IP address and subnet mask set by users are stored in non-volatile memory EEPROM.            

Function introduction:            
Wj94 remote I / O module can be used to measure eight channels of switching signal, and has four channels of switching output.            
1. On off signal input and output            8-way switch signal input can be connected to dry contact and wet contact, please refer to the wiring diagram for details; 4-way switch signal PNP output, output voltage is equal to the power supply voltage, output current is 100mA at most, pay attention that the output cannot be overloaded, otherwise the output channel will be burned.            
2. Communication protocol            Communication interface: two RJ-45 network interfaces. Each network port has two indicator lights. After the network cable is plugged in, the link light (green light) will flicker continuously, and the data light (yellow light) will flicker irregularly. Data between two network ports can be freely exchanged.            Communication protocol: adopt socket free protocol or Modbus TCP protocol to realize data exchange of industrial Ethernet. The control module can also be accessed directly through a web page.            Network cache: 2K byte (both receiving and sending)            Communication response time: less than 5ms.            
3. Anti interference            There are transient suppression diodes in the module, which can effectively suppress various surge pulses and protect the module.

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