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Modbus RTU to TCP module, RS232/485 to WiFi WJ105


● Modbus RTU protocol is automatically converted to Mobus TCP protocol

● Wi-Fi supports 802.11b/g/n protocol

● Mobile phone easily set WiFi password and configuration parameters

● RS232/485 baud rate can be set from 300 to 256000

● Working mode can choose TCP Server, TCP Client,

UDP working mode, MODBUS protocol conversion mode;

● Support virtual serial port working mode

● Can cross gateways, switches, routers

● It can work on the local area network or the Internet (external network)

● Working port, target IP address and port can be easily set

● Flexible serial data framing settings to meet various subcontracting needs of users



typical application:

● Serial to Industrial Ethernet

● Used for Internet of Things, real-time monitoring network and field equipment communication

● Application systems such as intelligent building control and security engineering

● Ethernet industrial automation control system

● Industrial field signal isolation and long-term transmission

● Equipment operation monitoring and control

● Conversion and transmission of sensor signals

● Acquisition and conversion of industrial field data

● IOT signal to RS232/485



product description:

WJ105 is an industrial-grade protocol converter between RS232/485 and WiFi developed by Weijunrui Technology. The serial server is used to transparently transmit TCP network data packets or UDP data packets and RS232 or RS485 interface data. The serial server can easily connect serial devices to Ethernet and Internet to realize network management of serial devices. Compared with similar products, its remarkable feature is its stability, which can send large quantities of data in full duplex and uninterrupted manner without losing a byte.

    WJ105 series products include power conditioning, analog switch switching, RS232 interface communication, RS485 interface communication and WiFi network interface communication. It is an embedded Ethernet serial port data conversion device, which integrates TCP/IP protocol stack. Users can use it to easily complete the network function of embedded devices. It is equipped with a 32-bit processor and has a maximum frequency of 160MHz. Quick response and high stability. Integrated WiFi interface, the highest baud rate of serial communication is up to 1Mbps, with working modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP and MODBUS protocol conversion, which can be set through the mobile phone network.

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Modbus RTU转TCP模块,RS232/485转WiFi模块, WJ105
Modbus RTU转TCP模块,RS232/485转WiFi模块, WJ105
Modbus RTU转TCP模块,RS232/485转WiFi模块, WJ105

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