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Thermal resistance ni1000, NTC, PT100, thermocouple, PT1000, the

 Main features:            >>Input: ni1000, NTC 10K, NTC 20K,            Pt100, Pt1000,Pt10,Cu50,Cu100,            Thermocouple J / K / T / E / R / S / B, etc            (the measured temperature range can be customized)            (non linear voltage and current signals can also be customized)            >>Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V, 0-10V and other standard signals            12V PWM signal output can also be selected            >>Auxiliary power supply: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V or 24VDC single power supply            >>Industrial temperature range: - 45 ~ + 85 ℃            >>Accuracy class: class 0.1 (FSR%, relative to temperature)            >>Including linear algorithm processing and long line compensation function            >>Isolation and withstand voltage: 2500vdc (1mA, 60s), input / output / power three isolation            >>Installation method: din35 guide rail installation            >>Boundary dimension: 79x69.5x25mm            Summary:            The thermal resistance temperature transmitter products researched and developed by vjri technology are mainly used for the isolation and transmission of sensor signals such as ni1000, NTC 10K, NTC 20K, PT100, PT1000, pt10, cu50, cu100, thermocouple J / K / T / E / R / S / b (the sensor needs to be equipped by the user), and mainly used for measuring various temperature signals in industry. The transmitter has the function of linearization and long line compensation. The data is processed by the algorithm of single chip microcomputer, which ensures the accurate correspondence between the output signal and the temperature. When measuring the thermocouple, the built-in thermometer can be used for the cold end compensation. When leaving the factory, it shall be calibrated according to the national standard graduation table, and the accuracy requirements of class 0.1 shall be fully met. It can also be customized according to the scale provided by the user to meet the measurement needs of the customer. The input, output and auxiliary power supply are completely isolated (three isolated) and can withstand 2500vdc isolation and withstand voltage.            The product adopts din35 international standard guide rail installation mode, with small volume, high precision, stable performance and high cost performance. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, instrument and industrial control industries.            Wj16 series temperature signal isolation amplifier is very convenient to use. It can realize the isolation and transmission of temperature signal only by connecting the wire. For specific selection, please refer to the product selection table, or consult with the customer service personnel of Wayjun technology.

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