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8-way NPN to PNP, 5V to 24V, signal conversion module wj108

Product features:            
High speed conversion of 8-way NPN signal to PNP signal            
8-way 0-5V level to 0-24v level            
8-way TTL level to 0-24v level            
8-way NPN signal to TTL level           
 8-way 0-24v level to 0-5V level            
● support the level reversal of input signal and output signal.            
● level conversion speed up to 1MHz            
● isolation and withstand voltage between signal input / output: 3000vdc            
● wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32vdc            
● standard din35 guide rail installation, convenient for centralized wiring            

Typical applications:            
● level conversion between different equipment            
● encoder signal connected to PLC            
● intelligent building control, security engineering and other application systems            ● industrial automation control system Di isolator            
● industrial field signal isolation and long line transmission            
● equipment operation monitoring           
● sensor signal measurement            
● motor speed monitoring system            
● ground wire interference suppression            
● switch signal acquisition of photoelectric switch            

Product overview:            
Wj108 product realizes the isolation, conversion and acquisition of various switching signals, and supports up to 8 channels of switching signals. Wj108 series products can be used in industrial automation control system, measurement, monitoring and control of switching value Di signal, industrial field signal isolation and long line transmission, etc.           
 The products include power isolation, 8 channel signal high-speed isolation. The module can provide a 5V power supply to the input with a maximum current of 100mA, which can be used to supply power to the photoelectric sensor. The module also has the function of inverting the input and output level, which can control the output signal to invert as required. The product supports direct conversion of various parameters, such as 0-5V, 0-24v, NPN, PNP and other parameters isolation and conversion. The specific output parameters of the product need to be determined through selection. Please refer to the wiring diagram for product wiring.            Wj108 series products are designed and manufactured according to industrial standards, with signal input / output isolated, can withstand 3000vdc isolation voltage, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. Operating temperature range - 45 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.

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