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Low price Analog Signal to RS485/232 Converter

Features:                                                                                                 >> Analog signal acquisition, isolated RS-485/232 output
>> 12-bit AD converter, testing accuracy>0.1%
>> Can Program and calibrate modules accuracy via RS-485/232 interface
>> Signal input/output: 1000VDC Isolation
>> Wide power supply: 8~32VDC
>> High reliability, easy programming, easy installation. 
>> Can program setting module address, baud rate
>> 0-5V voltage signal or 4-20mA current signal input 
>> Supports MODBUS RTU protocol
>> DIN35 Rail-mounted 
>> DIN35 Rail-mounted 
>> Size: 105.5x24x59mm
>> AD conversion rate can be programmed
General parameters:
 (typical @ +25 ℃, Vs to 24VDC)
 Input type: Input current / voltage input
 Accuracy: 0.1%
 Temperature drift:± 50 ppm / ℃ (± 100 ppm / ℃, maximum)
 Input Resistance: 150Ω (4-20mA/0-20mA/0- ± 20mA current input)
              300Ω (0-10mA/0- ± 10mA current input)
              1.5KΩ (0-1mA/0- ± 1mA current input)
              >200K (5V/10V voltage input)
              >1MΩ (<2.5V voltage input)
Bandwidth:  -3 dB 10 Hz
Conversion rate: 10 Sps (factory default, the user can send commands to modify the conversion rate)
               You can set the AD conversion rate 2.5 SPS, 5 SPS, 10 SPS, 20 SPS.
(Channel conversion rate = AD conversion rate / Open numbers of channel)
               NOTE: after Modify the conversion rate, need re-calibration module, otherwise the measurement data will be biased. You can also specify the conversion rate when ordering, we press the conversion rate you require recalibration in the factory.

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