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4-channel dry contact relay isolated board DI/DO Isolation


Part No.:WJ-RELAY01

>>4-channel dry contact input,4-channel dry contact output 

>> Input/output: relay isolation 

>> Auxiliary power supply:24VDC

>> Every channel has a LED status indicator,which is connected to light

>> Relay load capacity:2A 30VDC or 1A 125VAC

>> Fixed hole all around

>> Size: 57.0x54.0.0x12.0mm

Product introduction:
      WAYJUN relay module WJ-RELAY01 is the electrical control cabinet of a single small power relay to be integrated, series, reducing the intermediate link, improve the product performance, widely used in DI or DO isolation. The product conforms to the development trend of miniaturization, integration, is a substitute for single relay updates. Also products can be designed according to different numerical control system, but also can meet the needs of modern CNC machine tools.

   Connect the power supply, when the input IN1 is connected, the corresponding OUT1 is connected; otherwise, when the input IN1 is disconnected, the corresponding OUT1 is disconnected. Similar to other channels.

Limiting parameter:
Maximum power supply: 30VDC
Output maximum switching voltage: 240VAC / 120VDC
Output maximum switching current: 2A
Output switching power: 125VA / 60W

Note (1): in the condition of exceeding the limit, the product may cause damage, or affect the performance of the product. Power supply without anti - protection, please do not take back

General parameters:
>>Dry contact input:

       Lead current:<20mA

>>Dry contact output:
      Contact type: normally open type

      Contact load capacity: 2A 30VDC / 1A 125VAC

      Contact resistance: ≤50m
>>Power supply voltage: 24V DC

>>Power: < 2W
>>Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ(500VDC)
>>Isolation voltage: 1500VAC/1 minutes
>>Working temperature: - 40 ~ +85 deg.C
>>Working Humidity: 5~ 85% (no condensation)
>>Storage temperature: - 40 ~ +85 deg.C
>>Storage humidity: 5~ 85% (no condensation)

Download the Datasheet : 4-channel relay isolated board.pdf 

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