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8-CH DI high-speed counter, 8-CH DO supports PWM WJ63

>> 8 channels switch input, 8 channels switch output
>> Each channel of DI can be used as a counter or frequency measurement
>> Each channel of DO can output PWM signal independently
>> Both DI and DO support PNP and NPN switching functions
>> The count value can be read through the RS-485/232 interface
>> Support RS-485/232 interface to set PWM output
>> Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC
>> High reliability, convenient programming and easy application
>> The user can program the module address, baud rate, etc.
>> Support MODBUS RTU communication protocol, automatic 
identification protocol
>> Low-cost, small-volume modular design
>> Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm
>> Proximity switch pulse signal measurement
>> Flow meter pulse counting or flow measurement
>> Production line product count
>> Counting the number of logistics packages
>> LED light control or motor control                                 
>> External counter of industrial computer
>> Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things
>> Industrial data acquisition and recording
>> Pulse sensor signal measurement
>> Switching signal acquisition
>> State monitoring and control of industrial cameras
Product Selection:
part No.:WJ63-232  means output is RS-232 interface
part No.: WJ63-485  means output is RS-485 interface

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  • Model: WJ63
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