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Encoder angle speed displacement speed measurement pulse counter

Product features:            
● encoder decoding to standard Modbus RTU protocol            
● it can be used as encoder counter or speed measurement            
It supports simultaneous counting of 4 encoders, and can identify positive and reverse directions           
 ● built in 8 DOS can be used as encoder upper and lower limit alarm output           
 ● automatically save counter data in case of power failure          
  ● each circuit of built-in do can output PWM signal independently            
● reset and set the count value through RS-485 / 232 interface            
● wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32vdc            
High reliability, convenient programming and easy application           
 ● standard din35 guide rail installation, convenient for centralized wiring          
  ● user programmable module address, baud rate, etc           
 ● low cost, small volume modular design           
 ● overall dimension: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43 mm            

Typical applications:           
 ● encoder pulse signal measurement            
● displacement or angle measurement            
● motor speed measurement and control            
● control multiple devices instead of meter counter          
  ● remote transmission of encoder signal to industrial computer            
● intelligent factory and industrial Internet of things            
● direct data transmission to control center instead of PLC            

Product overview:            
Wj66 product realizes signal acquisition between sensor and host, which is used to decode encoder signal and equipment control. Wj66 series products can be used in RS-232 / 485 bus industrial automation control system, automatic machine tools, industrial robots, three coordinate positioning system, displacement measurement, stroke measurement, angle measurement, speed measurement, etc.            
Products include signal isolation, pulse signal capture, signal conversion and RS-485 serial communication. Each serial port can be connected with 255 wj66 series modules at most. The communication mode adopts ASCII code communication protocol or Modbus RTU communication protocol. The baud rate can be set by code. It can be hung on the same RS-485 bus with the control modules of other manufacturers, which is convenient for computer programming.            
Wj66 series products are intelligent monitoring and control system based on single chip microcomputer. All configuration information such as address, baud rate, data format, verification and status set by users are stored in EEPROM.            
Wj66 series products are designed and manufactured according to industrial standards, with no isolation between signal input and output, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability. Operating temperature range - 45 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃.            

Function introduction:            
Wj66 remote I / O module can be used to measure four encoder signals and has eight switch outputs. It can be used as 4-way encoder counter or 4-way speed measurement, and also can output 8-way PWM signal.            
1. Signal input and output            4-way encoder signal input can be connected with dry contact and wet contact, please refer to the wiring diagram for details; 8-way switch signal output collector open circuit output.            
2. Communication protocol            Communication interface: one standard RS-485 communication interface or one standard RS-232 communication interface, which shall be indicated during ordering and selection.            Communication protocol: support two protocols, character protocol defined by command set and Modbus RTU communication protocol. The module automatically identifies the communication protocol, and can realize network communication with various brands of PLC, RTU or computer monitoring system.            Data format: 10 bits. 1 start bit, 8 data bits and 1 stop bit.            The communication address (0-255) and baud rate (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200bps) can be set; the maximum distance of the communication network can reach 1200 meters, which is connected by twisted shielded cable.            High anti-interference design of communication interface, ± 15kV ESD protection, communication response time less than 100ms.            
3. Anti interference            Checksums can be set as needed. There are transient suppression diodes in the module, which can effectively suppress various surge pulses, protect the module, internal digital filtering, and also can well suppress the power frequency interference from the power grid.

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