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Modbus RTU to TCP , RS232/485 to Ethernet Module

 WAYJUN  WJ102-232/485-RJ45 is an industrial protocol converter between RS232 / 485 and TCP / IP. 
Product Features:
>>Modbus RTU protocol automatically converted into Mobus TCP protocol
>>100M high-speed LAN, 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface
>>Support AUTO MDI / MDIX, you can use a crossover cable or parallel cable connection
>>RS232 baud rate can be set from 300-256000
>>Working mode selectable TCP Server, TCP Client,
  UDP mode, UDP Server mode
>>Supports virtual port mode
>>Across the gateway, across switches, routers
>>can work in LAN, you can also work on the Internet (extranet)
>>Working port, destination IP address and port can be easily set
>>Flexible serial data sub-frame is set to meet user demand for   subcontracting

Datasheet Download : WJ102 - 232485 - RJ45 EN.pdf 

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  • Model: WJ102-232/485-RJ45
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