8-channel encoder or 16-channel DI counter, Modbus RTU WJ69
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8-channel encoder or 16-channel DI counter, Modbus RTU WJ69

Features:                                                                        >> The encoder is decoded and...

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>> The encoder is decoded and converted into standard MODBUS RTU protocol
>> Can be used as an encoder counter or speed measurement
>> Support 8 encoders to count at the same time, can identify forward and reverse
>> It can also be set as 16 independent DI high-speed counters
>> Encoder count value supports automatic saving after no power 
>> DI input / power supply isolation: 3000VDC
>> Through the RS-485/232 interface can clear and set the count value
>> Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC
>> High reliability, convenient programming and easy application
>> Standard DIN35 rail installation, convenient for centralized wiring
>> The user can program the module address, baud rate, etc.
>> Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm

Function Description:
     The WJ69 remote I/O module can be used to measure eight-channel encoder signals, and it can also be set as a 16-channel independent counter or DI state measurement.
1. Signal input
8-channel encoder signal input or 16-channel independent counter can be connected to dry contact and wet contact. Please refer to the wiring diagram section for details.
2. Communication protocol
Communication interface: 1 standard RS-485 communication interface or 1 standard RS-232 communication interface, specify when ordering and selecting.
Communication protocol: supports two protocols, the character protocol defined by the command set and the MODBUS RTU communication protocol. The module automatically recognizes the communication protocol and can realize network communication with various brands of PLC, RTU or computer monitoring systems.
Data format: 10 bits. 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit. No verification.
The communication address (0~255) and baud rate (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200bps) can be set; the longest distance of the communication network can reach 1200 meters, and it is connected through a twisted pair shielded cable.
The communication interface is designed with high anti-interference, ±15KV ESD protection, and the communication response time is less than 100mS.
3. Anti-interference
The checksum can be set as required. There are transient suppression diodes inside the module, which can effectively suppress various surge pulses, protect the module, and the internal digital filter can also suppress the power frequency interference from the power grid.
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WJ69 -  □ 
     Communication Interface
                           485: output is RS-485 interface   
                           232: output is RS-232 interface
Sample 1:  part No.:WJ69-232  means output is RS-232 interface
Sample 2:  part No.: WJ69-485  means output is RS-485 interface

Download Datasheet : encoder pulse or Di high speed counter WJ69.pdf 

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